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Online Order - Prints and Sets

Please use this form to send photos and details. We will get in contact within one working day to discuss prices, payment and delivery.

By submitting this form, you are not committed to making the order. It’s just a convenient way to send us photos without coming in to our shop.

We will confirm details and cost with you first!

Section 1: Print SETS

  • Fill in Section 1 for print sets, where the specifications (quantity / size / finish) are the same for all prints.

… and/or:

Section 2: Print MIX

Fill in Section 2 for if you would like a mix of quantities, size and finishes.

  • We need to know:
    File Name / Quantity / Size / Finish

    Example list:
    – name1.jpg / 3 / 10in X 8in / Lustre
    – name2.jpg / 6 / 6in X 4in / Glossy
    – name3.jpg / 4 / 21cm X 29.7cm / Lustre

  • Add further instructions if needed, for example:
    – name4.jpg / 2 / 7in X 5in / Lustre / Make black & white

*Tip: For longer lists, first type with a text editor, such as Word, and then ‘copy & paste’ into the ‘information’ box.

Image file types

Please send us photographs in standard JPEG format, ideally as shot originally to ensure higher quality.

For file-formats, such as TIFF or RAW, please contact us – we can still help.