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Online Enquiry - Restoration and Photo-editing

Photo-restoration and editing is something of a specialty for us, and we guarantee a very high standard.

Please use this form to send photos and details. We will get in contact within one working day to discuss prices, payment and delivery.

By submitting this form, you are not committed to making the order. It’s just a convenient way to send us photos without coming in to our shop.

We will confirm details and cost with you first!


In order to give you a price, we need to see the image. Please either scan or take a photo of the image, and send it with the form. A pic from your phone is fine at this stage, so long as it’s relatively clear! (we can discuss how we get the best quality once we’ve received your information). Feel welcome to contact us for advise if needed.

(aka ‘Photo-shopping’)

As with restorations, we’ll need to see the image, and have as much info as you can give about your requirements to help us give you a price.

How we estimate price

The price is based on the amount of time it takes to complete, plus what you would like us to with it once we’ve finished (print / add to memory-stick, CD or email or CD, postage etc). For example, if it’s a portrait with some minor scratches or torn edges away from the subject, it may not take long to do (cheaper!), or if there’s damage to a portrait subjects face, with feature reconstruction work, it is likely to take longer (more expensive!). This is why we need to see what you have in mind.

There is no obligation to purchase. It’s purely a way to make an inquiry.

Image file types

Please send us photographs in standard JPEG format, ideally as shot originally to ensure higher quality.

For file-formats, such as TIFF or RAW, please contact us – we can still help.

What kind of work

We get asked to do all sorts of interesting work. A photograph can be of huge importance and sentimental value to our customer. Our work is often about preserving memories and history, so we take a pride in getting it right. Here’s a few examples:

  • Repaired many complicated damaged photographs, where the damage is on faces.
  • Combined images to make one photo
  • Enhanced faded photographs
  • Colour corrections
  • Removed unwanted items (including ex partners!)
  • Given a child a tooth were there was a gap!
  • Added company logo/branding
  • Captions with names and dates
  • Tidied up untidy backgrounds from portraits, such as wires, litter and bins
  • Image cutouts for plain background (people and pets)
  • Removed spots from a teenager!
  • Tidied up ropes, wires and empty glasses from a yacht
  • Restored a copy of a damaged oil painting
  • Removed barbed-wire fence from new forest scene
  • Re-built an ear on a torn photo
  • Removed scratches on a damaged negative

One very memorable projects was restoring a photograph for a lovely elderly lady. The old black and white photograph had age-related damage, and was of her husband, who had recently passed away. It was understandably very precious to her, especially as the photograph was taken on the evening they first met, and the only copy she had. The photograph was a challenge, and had damage to the ear, side of head, mouth and eyes, as well as his medals, uniform and background. She was very pleased with the end result.