At Parkers we are well known for our high quality printing, and our print services are regularly used by practicing professional photographers, and customers that simply want great quality holiday and family photographs. The lab team are helpful and friendly, and even includes practicing professional photographers as well as very experienced printers.  They're always happy to advise and suggest ideas.

A broad range of print services are available:

  • Kiosk 'instant' prints (see prices below)
  • Next day collection service
  • Enlargements & poster size prints
  • Custom sizes (lockets, non-standard frame sizes)
  • Film processing and printing
  • Transfer to CD or USB / memory stick (Images from negatives, digital or hard copies)
  • Scanning (from prints, artwork, slides and negatives)
  • Canvas prints
  • Montages
  • Restored photographs (old and damaged etc)
  •  memory card image recovery

Related products in the shop

At Parkers we also sell film, SD cards, memory sticks, batteries, frames, albums, mounts, keyrings,  photographic printing materials and more.

Kiosk printing

From digital devices such as phones, memory sticks, SD/ camera cards or CDs:

QuantityInstant print
(price per print)
Next day service
(price per print)
2 to 1080p 60
11 to 4955p 40p
50 to 9940p 25p
100 plus30p 20p
2 to 10£1.2080p
11 to 49£1.0045p
50 to 9990p35p
100 plus80p30p
2 to 10£1.60£1.00
11 to 49£1.2080p
50 to 9990p60p
100 plus80p50p

Restoration and image alterations ('photoshopping')

Our lab team are imaging experts, and up for a challenge!

  • Restoring damaged and faded photographs
  • Altering and editing new photographs
  • Photographic montages
  • Captions

Every restoration is different, and prices are based requirements.

Please contact us for further information.