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Portraits at Parker's

Perfect for family portrait prints around the house or as gifts.


Portrait Session

Session time Prints included Cost Digital copies
15 minutes
3 x 5"x7" prints
+ £20.00
1 hour
5 x 5"x7" prints
+ £40.00


We recommend that you arrive dressed in the clothes you want in the photo. There is a changing room available if needed.

The studio is located on our first floor with plenty of space. The photographer will give you pose directions, unless you have a certain composition in mind.

Check out our gallery below for photo examples!

(please note in some examples the faces/ logos will have been altered or blurred for data & identity protection reasons.)

Prints from portrait shoot

Standard prints

Size (inches) Cost
6 x 4
5 x 7
6 x 9
8 x 12

Large/poster prints

Size (inches) Cost
12 x 18
16 x 24
£25 .00
20 x 30
24 x 36

Canvas prints

Size (inches) Cost
12 x 18
16 x 24
20 x 30

Novelty & photo gifts

Item Cost
Key ring
Mouse mat

Standard prints and gift items have a 24 hour turnaround time. Poster prints can take up to 3 days to complete, and Canvas prints up to 10 days.

Hassle free instant passport, ID and Blue Badge photos (UK and international), taken by our helpful staff.

Accessible/wheelchair friendly, great with babies, young children and adults.

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Two studios available to hire. Ideal size for individual or family portraits.

Lighting, backgrounds and changing facilities included.

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