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Darkroom Hire & Tuition

For black and white printing

Want to learn a new skill, or advance your technique?

Tuition Information

Age limit: 16+ 

 £150 per person. Pay upon booking. 

length: 3 hours 

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Maximum of two spaces per lesson.  

Black and white film/printing only.

These courses will be taught by Richard Le Marechal – A qualified college lecturer who knows his stuff, is approachable and easy to get along with. Used to working with both adults and adolescents. 

If you have any questions regarding the tuition please contact us!

Dates Available

Date: Course: Spaces remaining:
March 16th
Darkroom Workshop
March 23rd
35mm Introduction
March 30th
Medium & Large Format Workshop
April 13th
35mm Introduction
April 20th
Darkroom Workshop
April 27th
Medium & Large Format Workshop

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Darkroom Workshop

In this course you will have three hours just in the darkroom to learn wet printing. Intermediate level.

This course is designed for those who already have some understanding / shoot film and want to learn how to use a wet darkroom.

Hour 1: Introduction with health and safety. Starter into printing from negatives, negative types, contact sheets, test strips and exposures.

Hour 2: Creating prints from negatives. You will get to understand using paper grades as well as dodging and burning (adjusting exposure in parts of your image that you want darker or lighter.)

Hour 3: Learn about cropping and alternative printing techniques such as cyanotype and lumen prints

Please bring your own developed negatives and darkroom paper for this course if you have them.

Perfect for those wanting to hire the darkroom but are not yet confident without having a full induction with a teacher for the three hours first.

135mm Introduction 

In this course you will have three hours learning the complete traditional basics to shooting black and white 35mm film. Beginner level. 

Hour 1: This will be spent learning the camera in a hands-on experience on location in the nearby area (weather permitting) to take your own photos. You will get to learn the fundamentals of monochrome photography and how to think in ‘black and white’ for photography.  

Hour 2: You will go to the next stage and come back to Parker’s Photographic to develop your film on site. This will cover the film development process mixing of chemicals and development times. While your film is drying you will be shown the health and safety in the darkroom.

Hour 3: Once the film has been developed, you will get to experience the true traditional way of black and white printing in the darkroom using your newly taken negatives. You will be learning about exposures and making test strips and contact sheets.

This course gives you a real crash course of all the basics from start to finish. You will also get to take away your new negatives and darkroom testers. Ideal for those wanting to learn from scratch or as a refresher course. The camera will be provided if you do not have your own. 

Medium & Large Format Workshop:

In this course you will have three hours experiencing different film formats such as 120 and 5×4. Advanced level.

Hour 1-2: This will be spent having the opportunity to shoot a range of cameras/lenses in our on site studio. 

Hour 3: This will be spent processing and printing / contact printing for 5×4 in the darkroom.

Please do bring your own props for this course if you want to!

This course is better suited to those with some understanding of film photography basics.

Specialists in Ilford products, including great quality film, photographic paper and developing chemicals.

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We develop and process film: 35mm, 120 and 5×4, colour and black and white.

Quick and efficient, with optional scanning and printing.

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We sell a broad range of 35mm and 120 film, colour and black and white, polaroid and disposable cameras.

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