We can transfer your beloved memories onto a modern format so they can be played once again.

Once transferred to DVD we can then make a copy to other formats, such as a memory stick. We sell memory sticks or you can bring in your own.

We transfer to USB and CD/DVD


The Cut off point for large transfer orders, due by Christmas, is Saturday 10th of December. This is simply because of the time they take to do and Christmas being a busier time. Thank you for your understanding. Any further questions please do get in touch.

Photos, Negatives and Slides to CD/USB Memory Stick

We can scan in and digitalise your slides, images and negatives as well as print from them! This allows you to view your treasured memories much easier and last for years to come.

We provide CDs or you can bring in your own memory stick or purchase one from us. Prices are as follows below:

  • First image scan £6.00
  • 2-50  additional images £1.00 each
  • 50+ Images  60p each


Video Tapes to DVD


Tapes include VHS, VHS-C , 8mm, Mini DV.

One DVD disk can hold 2 hours (120 minutes) of video.

If your tape is above 2 hours, the tape will have to be put onto more than one disk to fit the entire run time.

As we can not tell upon booking if your tape is completely full or is only partially used, we will quote you the highest possible price, so you know it won't exceed that amount. Once the order is  complete and we know exactly how long the tape was, we adjust the price as needed. We provide a new disk case and labelled cover with your new video copy.

  • Up to 2 hours = £30  (120 minutes)              
  • Up to 3 hours = £45 (180 minutes)                 
  • Up to 4 hours = £60   (240 minutes)               


You can also have your tapes copied to a memory stick! To have tapes transferred to a memory stick, they must be copied to a disk first. You can either bring in your own USB or purchase one from us; memory sticks must be 8GB or higher to fit the video file size. If you do decide to have your tape copied to USB you will end up with both a disk and a memory stick. It is an additional £9.00 per disk on-top of the DVD transfer cost to have tapes copied to a memory stick.

Cine Film to DVD


Cine Reels include 8mm , Super 8 mm ,  (extra change to 9.5mm and 16mm )

We transfer cine films too!

All cine films are inspected, cleaned and re-spliced onto a larger reel prior to transfer. This gives you a better continuity from one film to another.
The cine film is then returned on its larger reel, ready for future transfers or easier storage. Your original reels will not be returned unless this is requested when the order is originally placed.
If you require your cine films to be in sequence, please number clearly and let us know when booking to ensure we can get it exactly how you want.

Please note: If a mixture of reel sizes is required to put onto a DVD, please contact us or come in store for a personal quotation.

Prices are as follows for all cine orders (includes VAT)

  • Setup Charge £45.00
  • 50ft reels per reel £ 9.00
  • 200ft reels per reel £ 29.00
  • 400ft reels per reel £ 41.00
  • Titles at the start of the trans £12.00
  • Titles before a reel £19.00

Optional music per order (choose between light classical or easy listening) £12.00

Extra DVD copy at the time of placing order £20.00 each

Notes for above services:
16mm cine films ADD 40% to above prices.
9.5mm Cine films (due to the age of these films) personal Quotation is required. As A guide it approximately costs £96 per order + reels.

We can transfer to DVD sound super 8 & sound standard 8 at no extra cost.
We record to DVD-R which is highly compatible with all modern DVD players. Your instruction manual for your DVD player will advise you, if unsure.

To have Cine films transferred to a memory stick, they must be copied to a disk first. You can either bring in your own USB or purchase one from us. If you do decide to have your cine reels copied to USB you will receive both a disk and a memory stick.