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Everything you need for photography

Parker’s Photographic is a family run shop in Woolston, Southampton, with a long-standing reputation for helpful customer service.

We supply new and used equipment including film and digital cameras, lenses, lighting, darkroom kit, Ilford products and lots more.

Specialist services include film develop & process, printing, photo-restoration, passport and ID photos, studio and darkroom hire.

FREE Pinhole Day event at Parker’s

In celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography day, we are running a completely free event.

When?  Saturday 27th April 2024

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm

(Come down for as long as you like whenever you want within this time span.) 

What to expect:

You will get to ‘take’ a photo using a DIY pinhole ‘camera’, load it with light sensitive darkroom paper and then develop it as a print in our darkroom. 

Staff will be on site to assist and answer any questions, as well as a qualified college lecturer, Richard, that runs our new darkroom lessons. 


Toilets on site.

 Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. Contact us for more info! 

Let us know to expect you! Book FREE tickets here


Photo of cans that have been light sealed to be used as a diy pinhole camera.
DIY pinhole cameras made from drinks cans

Hassle free instant passport, ID and Blue Badge photos (UK and international), taken by our helpful staff.

Accessible/wheelchair friendly, great with babies, young children and adults.

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Do you have equipment you’d like to sell?

To give a value we need to view and assess the items.

Contact us

Dark-room for black and white printing training options and hire.

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We develop and process film: 35mm, 120 and 5×4, colour and black and white.

Quick and efficient, with optional scanning and printing.

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Transfer analogue/older formats into modern digital formats

VHS, cine, slides, paintings and more…
Memory stick, cloud, CD, DVD…

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Our Ebay shop lists some items we have for sale.

Please contact us if there’s anything  you’re looking for that’s not listed here!

eBay Shop

We print from digital files, film, slides and prints.

Postcard size, enlargements, canvas, bespoke sizes, and photo-restoration.

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We sell a broad range of 35mm and 120 film, colour and black and white, polaroid and disposable cameras.

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Parker’s Photographic high-street shop is Aladin’s cave of new items and second hand equipment.

If you’re after something specific, feel welcome to visit or contact us.

Shop / Products

Specialists in Ilford products, including great quality film, photographic paper and developing chemicals.

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Two studios available to hire. Ideal size for individual or family portraits.

Lighting, backgrounds and changing facilities included.

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Plenty of ideas for storing and displaying your photographs, with a broad range of styles are available.

Visit our shop!

Customer Reviews

Martin Davis
Martin Davis
Excellent helpful service for Passport Photos, and so much easier than using a booth. I found the whole passport application process quite daunting, but with the friendly advice from the knowledgeable staff, I had it all done quickly and efficiently. Worth every penny to take the stress out. Great shop too - all sorts if you're into photography!
Steve Mclean
Steve Mclean
Very good service
John Martin
John Martin
Very helpful staff. Had portrait printed out. Excellent quality.
Ryan Shannon
Ryan Shannon
Always great service at Parkers, staff and owner are all very helpful and will find you what you're asking for and need. Reasonable prices and a good stock of film cameras and accessories.
Maureen Monteith
Maureen Monteith
Thankyou Parker's Photographic for a lovely first time photo shoot experience 📸
Isidore Cabral
Isidore Cabral
Good place to get photo prints and sell or exchange camera gear
Wenhui Gong
Wenhui Gong
Good service. Highly recommend.