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Terms and Conditions:

This prize is open to everyone above the age of 16 in the UK. You must be over 16 and in the UK to enter for this prize. 

You will retain copyright to your images. By submitting you are giving Parker’s Photographic consent to share and display these images with credit provided to you as either a tag on social media or with your name captioning the image. 

In submitting you are declaring you own full copyright to images and/or have explicit permission from any other owners to submit our image to us.

Images must be created by the artist/photographer who submits them. 

Parker’s Photographic is not liable or responsible for the contents of each photo. Art/photography is created at the artists/photographers discretion and represents their values and opinions, not those of Parker’s Photographic as a business or individual members of the team at Parker’s Photographic

Artists will refrain from submitting images portraying explicit, sexual nudity or illegal behaviour. Parker’s Photographic will not distribute images of this kind and these images will not be considered for the prizes. 

Each artist/photographer may only fill this form out once. Any duplicates will be disregarded. Any attempts to bypass the 5 image limit will result in disqualification. 

AI generated pieces will not be submitted as “photography” in this competition. We are regarding capturing/recording light as a defining feature of photography for this contest, this is present in digital, film and alternative processes but not computer or AI generated works. 

In submitting your image(s) to this competition you consent to Parker’s sharing it among the team, and if selected it being displayed to wider audiences with your provided name attached as credit. 

We store all your answers to this form in accordance with DPA and GDPR regulations in the UK. You may request your submission and answers to this from are withdrawn and/or deleted at any time by contacting


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