Film Processing

At Parkers we develop 35mm film, colour and black and white, on site.  This allows you to get the best outcome as you can have more control over what you get from your order. Select a range of options from the traditional develop and print to digital scans of your images. We aim to offer a fast service while maintaining high standard results.  As we don't have to send film away, we are also able to personally monitor your film from start to finish to ensure you get the best quality from your film.

Any other types of film please contact us for quote (110, 120, 126, APS)

We replenish our colour film processor chemicals ourselves to make sure the developer is fresh and is able to bring out crisp clear images.  Each black and white film is hand processed and has a new batch of chemicals made up each time, making absolutely sure they're as fresh as they can be, again ensuring the best quality.

Colour Film Price List

Colour film typically takes 2-3 days.

 ExposuresTotal cost for 1 set
(per film)
Total cost for 2 sets
(per film)
Develop only£4.9924 exp and 36 expN/AN/A
6"X 4" Develop and Print24 exp£9.99£16.99
36 exp£11.99£19.99
5"X 7" Develop and Print 24 exp£11.99£20.99
36 exp£14.99£26.99
6"X 8" Develop and Print24 exp£13.99£24.99
36 exp£16.99£30.99
Scanning to CD, Memory Stick or email (We Transfer)Additional £3.99
on top of cost
+ £3.99 to above prices + £3.99 to above prices

Black and White Film Price List

Black and white film typically takes a week.

 Total cost for 1 set
(per film)
Total cost for 2 sets
(per film)
Develop only£7.99N/AN/A
6"X 4" Develop and Print£12.99£17.99
5"X 7" Develop and Print £14.99£21.99
6"X 8" Develop and Print£17.99£27.99
Scanning to CD, Memory Stick or email (We Transfer)Additional £4.99
on top of cost
for dev and/or
+ £4.99 to above prices+ £4.99 to above prices

Film Scanning

We can also scan film to a CD or a memory stick should you want digital copies.  We provide CDs but you can bring in your own USB or purchase a memory stick from us.  Film scans can also sent by email through We Transfer so your images are secure and can send larger files at once; this costs the same as scanning to a CD or memory stick as shown in the price list tables above.

Our chemicals and simple set up used to develop black & white films

pouring Developing chemicals by hand

Mr Parker developing a black and white film.

LS 600 film scanner


Our LS-600 Film scanner is used to create a digital copy of 35mm film, colour or black and white ready for printing or saving to a portable device such as an memory stick or hard drive.

Technical specifications about the scanner are listed below.

Manufacturer: Noritsu

Model: LS-600

Light Source: LED

Max Optical Resolution: 24 million pixels, 6048x4011

Compatible Film Types: Colour , Black and White and slide (unmounted in strips as small as a single neg)

Insertion: Complete roll or in strips/ single negative

Dust Removal: Digital ICE